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3 key elements of lateral flow assay development

In the first edition of our video series, Abingdon Health Nanos, Chief Technical Officer highlights 3 key elements of lateral flow assay development.


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The transcript for the video, ‘3 key elements of successful lateral flow assay development’

“So the first element I consider important is to clearly define the product and what the assay needs to do. To do this Abingdon Health will work with the client to produce a detailed product [lateral flow device] specification.”

“Another key element is to carefully select the appropriate raw materials. In particular, the biological key raw materials can show quite a lot of variability. For example, two antibodies may normally be against the same target but one may be very specific against a single analyte and others may react with a number of metabolites.”

“We ensure that throughout the process we conduct extensive and robust testing of the product against the required specifications. It is important to identify any issues as early as possible in the development process so that if there is an issue we can remedy efficiently and cost-effectively.”

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