As 2018 approaches its end, we look back at some of the highlights from Abingdon Health’s 10th year in operation. New products and services have been launched and Abingdon Health has been able to announce several successful outcomes relating to new projects, quality standards, and a business award.

New reader technology to meet demand

In the early part of 2018, we highlighted the lateral flow diagnostics market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.2% by 2022 (Markets and Markets), with quantitative lateral flow assays being one of the key areas contributing to this growth. In order to meet this demand, Abingdon Health has added Desktop and Smartphone reader solutions to its portfolio.

image of ADxLR5® Developer and AppDx


AppDx is a customisable Smartphone lateral flow reader that can be adapted to multiple testing scenarios, including multiplexing.

Chris Yates, CEO of Abingdon Health, commented at the time:

“We have developed AppDx to be entirely customisable by the end user, dependent on their assay requirements. The flexibility of using Smartphone technology allows the transfer of real-time data and testing in any location.”

The full press release can be viewed at

£1m in project grant funding secured

In addition to winning some exciting new contracts this year, Abingdon Health has secured over £1m in Innovate UK grant funding to commence projects in the following two areas:

Image of cows who may have mastitis1. Animal Welfare

The development of a rapid, on-farm bovine mastitis test, which will help to identify cases of clinical mastitis and reduce the need for antimicrobial use as a blanket method.

2. Reader Technology

The redevelopment of Abingdon Health’s ADxLR5® lateral flow reader technology, in order to create a dual capability reader that will allow for multiplexing of colorimetric and fluorescence labels in a single test.

Innovate UK grant funding is awarded to projects that aim to introduce new technology or significantly enhance current technology.

Free light chain test registered in over 70 countries

2018 has also been positive for our Seralite®- FLC Serum product, which is used for the quantitative measurement of kappa and Lambda Free Light Chains (FLCs). This year saw the number of countries in which Seralite®- FLC Serum is registered rise to over 70 countries.

Next year we hope to announce the registration of Seralite®- FLC Serum in additional countries throughout the world. These announcements will be placed on our News page, so please visit our website to keep up to date. Alternatively, please join our e-mail list if you would like to receive a notification direct to your inbox.

A study involving NASA uses an Abingdon Health product

NASA Study involving Seralite FLC ELISA: an astronaut during spaceflightEarlier this year, it was announced that work conducted by Louisiana State University and the University of Houston, in collaboration with the NASA and University of Bath, included the use of Seralite®- FLC ELISA.

Abingdon Health’s product was used to measure Free Light Chains in NASA astronauts’ plasma and saliva before, during and after their space missions. The aim of the study was to assess the status of FLCs as these proteins provide a near ‘real-time’ indicator of plasma cell activity.

QMS standards revised

In May, we were delighted to announce the successful transition to the revised standards of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

Marsha Leeman, Abingdon Health’s Quality and Regulatory Director, commented at the time:

“The achievement of the revised ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 certifications underlines our commitment to our four building blocks: Quality, Customer, People and Collaboration. We strongly believe that achieving excellence in each of these areas will drive success and the achievement of our Company objectives to the benefit of all our stakeholders; investors, employees, customers and suppliers."

Abingdon Health wins business award

Scott Page receives Abingdon Health's York Top 100 Businesses 2018 Award

In November, we were presented with ‘The One to Watch Award’ during the York Top 100 Businesses Launch Event, an event endorsed by York Press, Make It York and York St John University’s Business School.

Abingdon Health’s award was presented in recognition for its growth strategy, with the award panel predicting that Abingdon Health will significantly surpass its current position on the York Top 100 Businesses List in the coming years.

What to expect from Abingdon Health in 2019

2019 is expected to be an exciting year for Abingdon Health with many new projects due to start early next year. Also next year we will be launching a new product that will offer time-saving and safety benefits for DNA amplification. In addition, our Quality Team are working hard to secure the registration of Seralite®- FLC Serum in new countries in 2019.

Thank you from all at Abingdon Health

Thank you image

A special thank you has to go to all of our customers; we appreciate your custom and choosing us as your development and manufacturing partner.

We hope that everyone has a great end to 2018, a superb Christmas break and have an even better 2019!


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