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Abingdon Health Ltd (“Abingdon”) is pleased to announce it has been selected by the UK Government to add industry insight in the Healthcare Edition of the Parliamentary Review 2017 (“Review”).

While focusing on 12 key government policy areas, the Review, which will be published in September and distributed to Policymakers in the UK and abroad, allows leading organisations and executives to share personal insight as well as discuss good practice alongside Cabinet and senior ministers. In recent years, it has featured forewords by David Cameron, George Osborne and Philip Hammond.

The organisations featured in each publication have been selected to show excellence in their area and Abingdon has been chosen to represent the rapid diagnostics testing industry.

Chris Yates (“Chris”), Abingdon Health’s Chief Executive commented “We are delighted to be included in the 2017 Parliamentary Review. Rapid diagnostic testing is a segment of the healthcare market undergoing tremendous growth driven by a number of factors including diagnostic technology improvements, the emergence of ‘big data’ and an increasingly connected world. Given our commitment to developing and manufacturing innovative diagnostic products we are pleased to represent, and raise the profile of, our industry with Policymakers and share our insight into best-practise”.

In the Review, Chris will offer insight into the growth of the diagnostics industry, outline Abingdon’s strategy as well discuss the factors he believes have driven the success of Abingdon to date, including a focus on building an open, collaborative culture, investment in automation and innovation and a continual focus on quality improvement.

The Parliamentary Review 2017 is due to be published in September 2017. If you would like to receive a copy of Abingdon Health’s entry in the Parliamentary Review please join our e-mailing list.

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