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Our approach to achieving excellence

Over the years, organic growth and a series of acquisitions have built Abingdon Health into an integrated diagnostics group focused on the development and manufacture of lateral flow tests and readers.

Our four building blocks detailed below are the foundations of the Company’s culture and are the key areas we focus on across all functions within the business. We strongly believe that achieving excellence in each of these areas will drive success and the achievement of our Company objectives to the benefit of all our stakeholders; investors, employees, customers and suppliers.


The Customer is central to everything we do. We want to be our Customers’ partner of choice for the long-term. This is achieved through a holistic approach to meeting our Customers’ needs and expectations. Whether it is ensuring our customer service is first-class, the products we manufacture meet our Customer’s requirements or acting in a pro-active way in suggesting ideas and opportunities to improve products and services, we want our relationship with our Customers to be strategic and one of partnership.

Read this page on our personalised approach to our customers to learn more.


We want to be known as a Quality organisation and we want this to differentiate us from the Competition. We want to make the highest quality products we can and provide the best quality service to our Customers. In addition, we want Quality to be an aspect of every element of our business from our interactions with suppliers, the quality of our internal and external reporting, the way we design and manage our internal processes, and our product and service offerings. Our target is to do things right and do things to the best of our ability first time.

Working under ISO9001 and ISO1345 certification and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance ensures our products and services are delivered to market with quality and efficiency at the forefront. Our processes and procedures relating to planning, evaluation, testing, product development, manufacturing and market entry aid in achieving excellence for both our organisation and our customers.


Everyone at Abingdon Health has a big role to play in making Abingdon Health a success. Our people are our biggest asset. We have the ability to shape our own culture and we want Abingdon Health to be a great place to work and we want people to enjoy working here. We also want to provide our colleagues with the ability to grow and develop as the business grows and develops.

To this end, each member of staff goes through a Personal Development Plan (PDP) in order to promote knowledge, ownership and empowerment within their field of expertise.

We recruit new employees on a regular basis. Visit our careers page to see the latest job vacancies.


With every project we engage in, collaboration, both internally and externally, aids in producing a successful outcome. Every function within the organisation has a role in each project we undertake and we want our people to work closely together, across all functions. We like email but we prefer talking and listening, preferably face-to-face but alternatively on the phone. Working in teams is challenging but also extremely rewarding. It is important to work closely with our stakeholders and engage and listen to our suppliers and customers. We will seek to do this pro-actively and we understand the value of ideas and opinions from all stakeholders.

Incorporating these building blocks into our activities.

A key focus on an ongoing basis of the Executive Team is to ensure we incorporate these building blocks into our activities. In addition, we ask that our colleagues consider these building blocks in their day to day activities: and try to ensure that the things we do reinforce and strengthens our commitment to these building blocks.

Chris Yates in the CEO of Abingdon Health