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Saving time and money

Accurate nucleic acid detection in minutes

Intuitive nucleic acid detection post DNA amplification with lateral flow immunoassay technology

  • Easy to use
  • High sensitivity
  • Time to result of 10 minutes
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Many strips can be run simultaneously
  • No special chemistry or equipment required
  • Safe to use – avoids using intercalating dye and UV light

Detect nucleic acid for between £2.12 and £2.92 per test*

PCRD and PCRD FLEX lateral flow rapid tests enable accurate nucleic acid detection in minutes post DNA Amplification. The tests cost between £2.12 and £2.92 per test*, and when comparing these costs with using DNA agarose gel electrophoresis, you will have to run 100s of PCRD or PCRD FLEX tests before matching the initial outlay for the equipment associated with using gels.

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*Standard PCRD and PCRD FLEX prices. Discounts available for buying in large quantities.

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