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Automated lateral flow manufacturing improves accuracy

3 key elements There are three key elements to manufacturing lateral flow […]

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Our technology at the Next Generation Dx Summit

This August Abingdon Health exhibited at the 10th Annual Next Generation Dx […]

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Reagents selection for lateral flow devices

When a client approaches us regarding a lateral flow assay development project, one […]

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The importance of lateral flow rapid tests in diagnostics

Rapid diagnostics, in essence, brings testing away from the laboratory and closer […]

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Two Successful Immunoassay formats

The first immunoassay, an assay for human insulin, was described by Rosalyn […]

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One Health And Rapid Diagnostics

What is One Health? The One Health concept, as described by the […]

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What are the common myths about lateral flow devices?

There are some common myths that lateral flow devices are inflexible and […]

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21 February 2018

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