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Posted: August 22, 2018

How to secure grant funding for a lateral flow assay project

Any lateral flow assay development project requires a financial investment, and grant funding may be an appropriate solution.

Grant funding is available via a number of sources which differs from country to country. The UK government has published a list of potential grant funding sources online.

It is important to note that funding is not available for all development projects. Applications will be subject to certain eligibility criteria such as business type, size or if other funding is in place. In addition, some applications may require some additional investment from applicants. Ultimately funding is aimed at projects that will do one of the following:

  • Introduce new technology
  • Significantly enhance current technology

Successful lateral flow assay project application

Grant awarded to develop a multiplex rapid test for mastitis in cattleEarlier this year, Abingdon Health along with University of Glasgow (UoG), was successfully awarded an Innovate UK grant to develop an on-farm multiplex rapid test for mastitis in cattle. The rapid test will stratify mastitis by bacterial class (gram-negative or gram-positive) to allow for fast on-farm decision making about antimicrobial treatment of cows with mastitis. In addition to this, it will also provide an opportunity to reduce antimicrobial use whilst safeguarding cow health.

The successful application was achieved by Abingdon Health and UoG demonstrating the lateral flow assay project had the right balance of expertise and the participants had a good understanding of the market. In addition, the product development plan highlighted a clear approach to delivering a test to market that would suit an unmet market need.

Malcolm Briggs, Abingdon Health's Sales and Marketing Executive - lateral flow assay development and manufacture