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This August (2017) Abingdon Health exhibited at the 10th Annual Next Generation Dx Summit in Washington DC. The focused content and targeted audience presented an opportunity to introduce Abingdon Health’s portable lateral flow based multiplex biosensor, which is being developed in collaboration with Sumitomo Chemical Corporation, and showcase our existing bench top reader, the ADxLR5®, alongside our lateral flow assay development and manufacturing contract services.

The Agenda

Molecular diagnostics and clinical Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) assays were a focus of the meeting. However, topics of most relevance to Abingdon Health and our customer base were also discussed: Enabling Point-of-Care Diagnostics, pharmacy-based point-of-care testing, companion and complementary diagnostics, and emerging cancer biomarkers.

Opportunities for customisation of the ADxLR5® reader were identified, specifically where lateral flow assays have already been developed and they require a reader to remove subjectivity. Lateral flow development projects were discussed, ranging from companion diagnostics through to routine disease monitoring.

Our next generation multiplex biosensor generated a significant amount of interest, with an emphasis on its utility in developing countries due to its portability, and multiplexing capability. As our development program progresses we will keep all interested parties updated on its availability as a platform for our contract services.

Defining the term next generation

Conversations during the event emphasised that next generation diagnostics does not necessarily mean the move towards molecular diagnostics, or the introduction of brand new technologies, but can simply be the use of existing technologies, or modifications to these technologies. Providing a more rapid solution to diagnosing disease, and real-time monitoring of a person’s health, empowers healthcare professionals to change patient pathways, thereby improving patient quality of life.



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Published 26th September 2017