Following on from the longitudinal study undertaken by Abingdon Health, a member of the Abingdon Health team carried out a self test of the BioSURE COVID-19 Antibody Self Test. The test was taken 14 weeks after a positive COVID-19 infection, the infection being confirmed by PCR just over 5 weeks following this individual's second AstraZeneca vaccination.

The test results which can be seen in the images below, demonstrates the strong result, enabling users the unique opportunity to become more aware of their own antibody status, in turn helping them to make more informed decisions for the health of themselves and others.

BioSURE states the test to be 99.7% specific and 98.2% sensitive. The test detects the protective antibodies made by your body from both natural infection and vaccination.

Information and pricing of the BioSURE COVID-19 Antibody Self Test can be found here.

1. Self testing of the BioSURE COVID-19 Antibody Self Test

2. Positive test result produced, demonstrating a strong result 10 weeks after first test