The new plant destroyer!

Phytophthora spp. literally translates as the ‘Plant destroyer’. But, is there a new plant pathogen out there trying to take this title: Xylella fastidiosa? In 2018, Xylella fastidiosa hit the headlines as it devastated miles of olive groves in Italy and prompted a significant and concerted… Read More

Why NALFIA tests should be used by every testing lab

Abingdon Health believes that NALFIA tests (nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassays) are the perfect solution for laboratories when it comes to detecting the successful amplification of target DNA sequences. Hence, why we have two NALFIA tests (nucleic acid lateral flow immunoassays) on our portfolio, PCRD and… Read More

Turn data into insight with lateral flow Smartphone readers

Effectively, Insight is the ‘meat in the sandwich’ between the creation of data and the establishment of potential actions, improvements or solutions in response to datasets. With growing global populations placing greater demand on supply chains and healthcare systems, Insight into dealing with issues such as supplying safe food or… Read More