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Posted: September 1, 2017
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Abingdon Health Chairman meets with UK Ministers

During an event held by the University of Birmingham (“University”) at their Institute of Transitional Medicine, Abingdon Health’s (“Abingdon”) Chairman, Dr. Chris Hand, met with The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, UK Secretary of State for Health and The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The Ministers’ visit to the University coincided with the unveiling of the UK Government’s Life Sciences Industrial Strategy for boosting the UK’s £64 billion life sciences sector with the main aim of positioning UK life sciences as an international benchmark.

Abingdon Health Chairman, Chris Hand, shows Jeremy Hunt and Greg Clark lateral flow and reader technology

Images: University of Birmingham

As quoted on, “In the government’s Industrial Strategy green paper, launched in January, life sciences was one of five of the UK’s leading sectors tasked with working with stakeholders across the industry to identify opportunities for how government can support the industry.”

The Ministers’ spoke with Dr. Hand about Abingdon’s experience and expertise within the rapid diagnostics market and translation of intellectual property into products developed, manufactured and sold from the UK.  They saw a demonstration of Abingdon Health’s state of the art technology in the form of Seralite® -FLC Serum (myeloma diagnostic system) together with the ADxLR5® Reader System which quantifies results and provides full digital connectively. The ADxLR5® reader technology can be customised to quantify different targets and therefore benefit multiple industries.

Dr. Hand also demonstrated a new biosensor product which is being developed in collaboration with Sumitomo Chemical Co of Japan for the multiplexed quantified determination of analytes in a hand held format.

Other Government-related news

This meeting with the UK Government Ministers comes ahead of Abingdon’s inclusion in the Healthcare Edition of UK Parliamentary Review 2017. Whereby, Abingdon’s CEO, Chris Yates, will offer insight into the rapid diagnostics market, outline Abingdon’s strategy for the future as well as discussing factors that have driven the success of Abingdon to-date.

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