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Posted: October 18, 2019
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Compostable lateral flow housings now available

Abingdon Health now offers compostable lateral flow housings as an alternative to plastic

Abingdon Health is pleased to announce it is now offering customers’ the option of using non-plastic lateral flow test cassettes. Cassettes for Abingdon Health’s own products will also move to using a plant-based material in due course and Abingdon Health’s contract customers will also have the option to use the same material for their assays.

Moving to a new non-plastic option fits with Abingdon Health’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment by manufacturing lateral flow products with as much renewable, biodegradable and recyclable materials as possible.

Using a plant-based lateral flow cassette material will mean that any test that requires incineration will now emit 50% less CO2 compared with the plastic alternatives. The new cassette material, which is compostable to EN 13432, also uses 85% renewable material meaning there is less reliance on fossil fuels used during the manufacturing-process.

Abingdon Health’s lateral flow specialists have conducted stability testing on the new plant-based cassette material and the results have shown comparable performance to plastic cassettes.

Michael Hunter, Abingdon Health’s Operations Director, explains more.

We are all concerned about the use of disposable plastic and their environmental impact. Therefore, we are pleased to offer an alternative housing material which is compostable and based predominantly on renewable material. We are committing to reducing the impact of our business on the environment and we continue to look for opportunities to improve the sustainability of our materials in order to reduce their impact.

For more information about the use of plant-based material in lateral flow assay cassettes, please contact our team on +44 (0) 1904 406 080 or [email protected].

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