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Complete Integrated Solutions

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Reagent sourcing  –  Assay development  –  Reader customisation  –  Scale-up  –  Lateral flow manufacturing  –  Packaging

All your lateral flow device project needs from one partner

Abingdon Health’s team of dedicated lateral flow device specialists have been assembled in order to meet our customers’ every need.

We deliver a lateral flow assay service that enables a seamless development pathway from concept through to commercialisation. Our ability to offer an end-to-end development and manufacturing solution provides our customers with the added benefit of working with one partner who understands the science, materials and long term manufacturing requirements for the lifetime of the assay.

Why use one lateral flow assay partner?

  • Minimise risk by reducing the need to transfer your assay from partner-to-partner during a project
  • Reduce the transfer time between each phase of a project
  • Direct communication channels between client and assay partner
  • Involvement from development, manufacturing and commercial specialists from the outset of a project
  • Designed with long term manufacturing requirements in mind

What can Abingdon Health offer?

  • Ability to apply reagents to a lateral flow device (LFD) or convert an ELISA assay into an LFD
  • Aid the transfer from initial stage R&D into a full development and manufacturing project
  • Cost-effective solutions with assay and customer requirements at the forefront
  • Proven track record of developing and manufacturing qualitative, semi-quantitative, quantitative, single target and multiplexed assays
  • A dedicated lateral flow assay development and transfer team
  • Experience of working with different sample matrices
  • Access to a quality and sustainable supply of reagents and materials
  • Scale-up to high volume batches utilising state of the art manufacturing facilities
  • Experience of working in regulated and less-regulated markets
  • Academia-commercial collaborations

Case studies

The following case studies describe some of the lateral flow assay and reader projects Abingdon Health has undertaken utilising our Complete Integrated Solutions.

two doctors discussing rapid quantification of kappa and lambda free light chainsAbingdon Health has developed, manufactured and launched Seralite®– FLC, a rapid quantitative lateral flow test for haematology oncology.

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Banner for mastitis test for cows

Abingdon Health was awarded an Innovate UK grant to develop a multiplexed on-farm rapid test to identify a disease in cattle that affects milk production.

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Banner for plant disease rapid tests

In addition to developing and manufacturing rapid tests for our clinical and contract customers, Abingdon Health manufactures a range of qualitative rapid tests for plant diseases.

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