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Is outsourcing assay development and manufacture risky?

If you are asking yourself is outsourcing assay development and manufacture risky? The following will explain how Abingdon Health’s established processes and procedures minimise outsourcing-risk for our customers.

Depending on internal resources within your organisation outsourcing could be the best approach to achieving market success. Working with a lateral flow assay development and manufacturing specialist who can offer all the experience and expertise needed to deliver the right product to market could save both time and money.

Is outsourcing assay development and manufacture risky?

The main motivation for selecting to outsource should be to utilise expertise and knowledge that is not available internally. Abingdon Health can offer a complete integrated lateral flow and reader service to help minimise risk and ensure a smooth, efficient and cost-effective transition from concept through to commercialisation.

Learn more about how our service can help minimise risk:

  • We have invested in the right equipment and personnel, and developed optimal processes and procedures, to aid the production of assays fit for purpose.
  • We have achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification and work to the requirements of GMP. Having this in place demonstrates a Quality Management System that can help produce robust tests and assist customers in entering regulated markets.
  • Our Technical Transfer Team ensures full alignment between our assay development and assay manufacturing teams to ensure a smooth transition to scale-up.
  • We have experience of lateral flow reagent and material selection and have access to approved, quality suppliers.
  • Our experienced reader team can work closely with you to ensure your quantitative assay meets your requirements and those of your customers.

So, if you’re still wondering, is outsourcing assay development and manufacture risky? To put your mind at ease, feel free to contact us and we will explain how we approach each lateral flow assay project.

Information on minimising risks

On our website there are several articles explaining why outsourcing can expedite your project or aid profits. Click on the link below to learn more:

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