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What budget is needed for a lateral flow assay project?

Abingdon Health is able to provide our customers with quotations for every stage of the development and manufacturing process in order to aid budgeting. However, the question of, ‘what budget is needed for a lateral flow assay project?’ is dependent on the individual requirements of the assay, such as, does your test need to be:

  • Single-target
  • Multiplexed
  • Qualitative
  • Semi-quantitative
  • Quantitative

In addition to determining the above, it is also important to establish certain criteria such as:

Once answers to questions above have been established, plus any answers specific to an individual project, Abingdon Health can provide you with a quotation.

Funding assistance

In answering this question, we also felt it important to make customers aware of some of the funding options available, should sourcing funding be a requirement.

Grant Funding

Grant funding is available via a number of sources. For organisations in the UK, the Government has published a list of potential grant funding sources. Abingdon Health can offer grant funding support by being a named sub-contractor for companies or academic groups.

Investment and loans

Investment sources vary from business loans to venture capital. Speak with trade/government associations for advice on suitable investment and loan sources. Organisations in the UK can consult the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy for advice in this area.

Our knowledge helps with budgeting

Our experience in development and manufacture, and the fact we have commercialised our own lateral flow products, means we have devised optimal processes and procedures for ensuring development projects run to budget and manufacturing produces a cost-effective product that provides a positive return-on-investment.

Learn more about our cost-effective assay development and manufacturing solutions.

Quotation request

If you would like more information, in order to establish what budget is needed for a lateral flow assay project, please request a quotation from us via

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