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What experience does Abingdon Health have in regulated markets?

Abingdon Health has significant experience developing and manufacturing assays and readers for contract services customers in both regulated and non-regulated markets. In addition, Abingdon Health was responsible for launching a rapid test for multiple myeloma Seralite®– FLC, as part of its company product portfolio.

What experience does Abingdon Health have in regulated markets?

Investment in the right equipment, personnel and quality management systems have enabled Abingdon Health to work in across the healthcare, pharma, animal health, environmental, agriculture and food testing sectors.

Whether working in regulated or non-regulated markets Abingdon Health’s adheres to the following quality management systems:

  • ISO 13485:2016
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Good Manufacture Practice (GMP)

Visit our quality standards page to learn more about how Abingdon Health operates under ISO and GMP quality management systems.

Case study

To give you some context into our experience in regulated markets please read our case study about how Abingdon Health developed a rapid test for the quantification of kappa and lambda free light chains for haematology oncology.

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