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Where can I source lateral flow immunoassay reagents?

Reagent selection and sourcing is an important element in ensuring an assay development and manufacturing project is a success. It is also important to source reagents that are going to fulfil ongoing commercial requirements, for example, do they meet the forecasted supply and demand and do they meet cost requirements?

List of lateral flow immunoassay reagents

Sourcing suitable lateral flow immunoassay reagents is not always straightforward. Abingdon Health has access to a list of reagents from approved quality suppliers, meaning Abingdon Health is able to offer a time-saving solution to customers wanting assay reagents and lateral flow assay development services from one organisation.

Details of the reagents available through Abingdon Health can found on our lateral flow immunoassay reagents page.

several large and small lateral flow immunoassay reagents Reagents can, of course, be sourced from other suppliers. However, it is important to consider the following when looking for the most appropriate antibody or antigen for your lateral flow immunoassay.

  • Are the reagents suitable for commercial use and can the suppliers provide a guaranteed supply of reagents and compatible raw materials?
  • Are reagents available exclusively? Is exclusivity important?
  • Are raw components from quality suppliers?
  • Understand the impact of material costs on final manufactured product costs.

So, if you’re still wondering, where can I source lateral flow immunoassay reagents? feel free to speak with a member of our team on +44(0) 1904 406082 or

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