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Animal Health Lateral Flow Assay Development And Manufacture

Animal health diagnostic tests are essential tools for confirming the health status of animals and identifying pathogens. Enabling the early detection, management and control of animal diseases facilitates the safe trade in animals and animal products, in addition to improving outcomes for companion animals.

Rapid diagnostic testing supports veterinary surgeons and informs clinical management. Whether a test is designed for use on companion animals, livestock, or in an aquaculture environment diagnostic testing should be performed accurately, quickly and easily.

How can we help?

Whether a client is looking for a test to monitor fertility status in livestock, diagnose an infectious disease in a companion animal, or confirm health status prior to administration of therapeutics, Abingdon Health has experience in developing lateral flow tests for a wide range of matrices including milk, serum, saliva, whole blood, urine, and tissue samples.

A large number of laboratory-based ELISA tests are available for animal disease monitoring, Abingdon Health’s experience in converting ELISA assays into a lateral flow format enable these tests to be available for use at the pen-side, or during a veterinary consultation to aid in rapid treatment decisions.

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