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Lateral flow assay development and manufacture for the food and feed testing markets

Stringent health and safety regulations coupled with consumer demand to have access to accurate food and drink content, as well allergen information means accurate food and beverage testing is essential. In recent times the incidences of food and drink fraud have increased, resulting in greater demand for detecting contaminants and banned substances.

Contaminant Testing – Potential contaminants in food are vast. Technology which offers rapid quantitative or qualitative testing for pathogenic or toxigenic micro-organisms, allergens, veterinary drug residues or agrochemical residues, ensures the safe passage of food destined for human consumption.

Allergen Testing – The ‘free-from’ food market is a growing market. In order to accommodate this consumer demand, companies need to ensure their products meet stringent guidelines and provide accurate information on the food packaging.

Allergen testing is not just restricted to the food production market. Allergies to dust mites or latex products are commonplace and tests for monitoring the presence of these allergens can be crucial to the health and well-being of individuals.

Water Testing – Covering a wide scope, water testing can include testing for pathogens in hydroponic or crop irrigation systems, or testing drinking water for contaminants, or pathogenic or toxigenic micro-organisms. Owing to their compact nature and ease-of-use, lateral flow test strips, whether they are qualitative or quantitative, lend themselves well to those requiring home, on-site or laboratory testing.

How can we help?

Abingdon Health’s knowledge and experience means that we are able to develop multiplexed lateral flow assays covering the broad range of analytes to be measured, taking into account reader technology and workflow requirements.

In addition, the technology within our touchscreen lateral flow assay reader, ADxLR5®, enables easy adaptation of software to accommodate numerous quantitative assay formats, making it suitable for high-throughput food and feed testing across multiple sample types and batches.

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