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Lateral flow assay development and manufacture for the healthcare sector

There is a worldwide demand for decentralised availability of diagnostic tests across the human healthcare sector.  The point of care (POC) market demand is being driven by an ageing population; increase in chronic disease’s, and rising demand for home and patient-led healthcare. Technology innovation is addressing this market need with rapid lateral flow diagnostics which provide accurate and timely results, with full user and sample traceability, and connectivity to patient records.

Abingdon Health’s experience in the human healthcare sector with our own brand products, combined with our GMP compliant and ISO 13485 certified facilities, means we have the knowledge to assist clients who want to enter into a highly regulated market with a rapid diagnostic tool that aids disease diagnosis and patient healthcare management.

How can we help?

Abingdon Health can work with clients to develop qualitative or quantitative lateral flow assays and readers that will detect targets in different matrices including serum, whole blood, saliva, sputum, and urine.

In addition, our FDA registered and CE marked lateral flow reader technology allows our clients to provide end-users with robust and accurate data management, as well as an intuitive system, with full traceability of patient sample data.

Whether you are looking to convert an ELISA assay into a lateral flow device (LFD), have a novel biomarker with a lateral flow application, or are looking to apply a fully validated reagent to lateral flow. Please contact a member of our team on +44 (0) 1904 406080 or

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