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Customisable OEM lateral flow reader solution for rapid testing

For companies interested in combining a lateral flow immunoassay with a customised reader, Abingdon Health offers lateral flow reader OEM solutions.

The desktop, hand-held and Smartphone lateral flow assay reader technologies on offer have been designed to give users the most appropriate features required for the analysis of complex lateral flow devices.

All reader technologies have the ability to read multiple test lines (plus control line) on one or more test strip cartridges. Thus, offering a time-saving and cost-effective solution to quantitative lateral flow test development.

Clients can also choose from a range of customisation options in order to provide the most suitable design, workflow and software set-up for their assay.

Whether there is a requirement for a reader to read single or multiplexed assays. An intuitive user interface combined with state-of-the-art technology ensures a simple step-by-step operating and reading process that requires minimal training.

Lateral flow assay reader technology

Desktop reader

By utilising CE marked and FDA registered reader technology from ADxLR5®, we can offer a desk-top lateral flow reader option.

To learn more about ADxLR5® please visit our desktop lateral flow reader page.

Smartphone reader

To complete our lateral flow reader offering, Abingdon Health’s customers have an option of using AppDx, a customisable Smartphone lateral flow reader suitable for integration with existing lateral flow assays or assays requiring development.

More information about AppDx can be found on our Smartphone lateral flow reader customisation page.

Reader customisation options

Lateral flow reader customisation options

To ensure maximum flexibility our diagnostic reader technology can be customised to include all or some of the following features.

  • Calibration curves set specific to requirements
  • Customised reading times set by a timer
  • Bespoke reading parameters and results
  • Ability to read multiple test lines
  • Adapt the drawer mechanism for different style lateral flow cassettes and strips
  • Fully customisable for fluorescence or colorimetric (latex, gold and carbon) tests
  • Bespoke user workflow
  • Data transfer via Wi-Fi, USB or Ethernet
  • Inbuilt user guide
  • Multiple languages

Reader accessories

A customised reader can include the following accessories

  • Barcode scanner to allow full traceability*
  • USB Thermal Printer to allow printing of results*
*Available with ADxLR5®

Customisation process

Lateral flow reader OEM process

It is important the customisation of the lateral flow assay reader complements your assay. Therefore, Abingdon Health’s reader and assay development teams work closely with our clients to outline the necessary requirements concerning assay format, quantification, connectivity, user workflow, functionality, reading parameters and any regulatory requirements.

In addition, from these discussions, a lateral flow assay reader customisation project plan will be formulated. The project plan will set objectives and timelines for taking reader customisation through feasibility, optimisation and validation. Thus, ensuring assay compatibility and market suitability.

Case Study

To give you some context into how we approach quantitative lateral flow assay development, please read our case study about how Abingdon Health developed a rapid test for the quantification of kappa and lambda free light chains for haematology oncology.

To see other case studies and to learn about our overall lateral flow assay development and manufacturing services, visit our Complete Integrated Solutions page.

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Lateral flow reader OEM is carried out alongside lateral flow assay development. Our assay development and reader teams work closely to ensure the finished product delivers both the required assay specification and a state-of-the-art complementary lateral flow reader.

To receive more information about our lateral flow reader OEM solutions please contact us on +44(0) 1904 406080 or If you would like a quotation for our service please visit our quotations page.

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