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Customisable lateral flow assay reader

For companies interested in combining a lateral flow immunoassay with a customised desktop reader, Abingdon Health offers lateral flow reader solutions using ADxLR5®.

ADxLR5® has the ability to be configured to read multiple test lines on one or more test strips.

Clients can also choose from a range of customisation options in order to provide the most suitable design, workflow and software set-up for their assay.

An intuitive user interface combined with state-of-the-art technology ensures a simple step-by-step operating and reading process that requires minimal training.

ADxLR5® lateral flow reader customisation options

To ensure maximum flexibility our diagnostic reader technology can be customised to include all or some of the following features.

  • lateral flow reader customisation and big dataCalibration curves set specific to requirements
  • Customised reading times set by a timer
  • Bespoke reading parameters and results
  • Ability to read multiple test lines
  • Adapt the drawer mechanism for different style lateral flow cassettes and strips
  • Customisable for fluorescence or colorimetric (latex, gold and carbon) tests
  • Bespoke user workflow
  • Data transfer via Wi-Fi, USB or Ethernet
  • Inbuilt user guide
  • Multiple languages

Reader accessories

A customised reader can include the following accessories

  • Barcode scanner to allow full traceability
  • USB Thermal Printer to allow printing of results

Case Study

To learn how ADxLR5® has been adapted to produce quantitative results for a haematology oncology rapid test, please read our case study.

To receive more information about our lateral flow reader solutions and ADxLR5® please contact us on +44(0) 1904 406080 or If you would like a quotation for our service please visit our quotations page.

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