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AppDx FAQs

How does the App work?

AppDx® uses the latest imaging technology to read lateral flow rapid tests and generate visual test line information that can then be managed in any number of data management opportunities through the phones User Interface (UI) and a connected dashboard.

The home screen of the app provides users with a number of options and functions according the clients requirements.

What does it cost to customise the App for our assay?

Each project is very different and the cost will depend on the level of customisation, the complexity of the assay, and the regulatory requirements. A simple scoping exercise will allow us to provide an accurate quote.

What are the ongoing costs, i.e pay per download, annual license fee, and monthly contract?

We do not employ a ‘pay per download’ model, instead we have an annual service and maintenance contract that has a built in annual license fee. The cost depends entirely on the  level of support required.

What are the regulatory implications of using the App in the medical sector?

It is entirely down to the intended use of the App in conjunction with your rapid test and the functionality required. While the hardware is not considered a medical device in some cases the software could be considered as such. This can be established in the scoping exercise.

Can we demo the App using our device?

Each assay type is different and therefore AppDx needs to be set up to read each assay, which is part of the customisation work package. However, we can provide a demonstration of our standard AppDx version to demonstrate usability.

What does the cloud transfer look like?

The app can securely transfer and retrieve test data, calibration information with customer’s cloud-based platform or web portal with varied authorised access levels.  Essentially the app provides authentication, using a registered email, to connect with an online service of the customer’s choice.

How long will customisation take?

It will vary depending on the level of work required, it can be as short as 2-3 months for the customisation and adaptation of our standard AppDx® version or a little longer for unique build or more complicated solutions.

Will it work on all smartphones?

It is compatible with Android® OS and iOS® and therefore will work on all Smartphones utilising this platform.

How do I upload the test information into the App?

Traceability is critical for a lateral flow test, therefore the app provides various methods to input such information. The app can scan test information from a barcode or a NFC (near field communication) tag. Users can also enter the information manually. The app can securely retrieve information from a short identifier using internet connectivity to a web portal.

Can reading algorithms be incorporated?

Yes, if you want to apply custom logic and analysis algorithms on the test that can be accommodated during the development. A new method can be incorporated into the app even at a later stage, as an update or downloadable parameters.

Can it switch between reading dipsticks and housed cassettes?

The app can be used for dipstick as well as housed cassettes. A reusable placement accessory for dipstick-only tests is recommended. Each type of test needs to be separately optimised for your application.

Can it be used for full quantitation?

In short Yes, however there are some considerations. There are a variation of camera characteristics from model to model and to a lesser extent even within same models.

Due to the AppDx® program, a high degree of accuracy can be achieved and when external conditions affecting accuracy are controlled then quantitation can be achieved with good dynamic range.

However this is impacted with the more variability in external conditions, test performance capability and Smartphone capability. When looking to quantify, we recommend the introduction of specified Smartphones and minimum camera specifications. In many cases a shorter dynamic range of quantitation, or semi-quantitative implementation, is more immediately achievable. This can be identified early in the first stage of feasibility and development.

Do I have to commit to a full program?

We will be happy to discuss an early stage program that establishes the viability of the platform in reading your test to the level required. This can be established in the scoping and including in your initial quote for feasibility.

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How do I arrange a demonstration of AppDx®?

If you would like to see a demonstration of AppDx®, please complete the form below.