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Looking for a new lateral flow test manufacturer? Abingdon Health is a UK-based lateral flow test manufacturer with experience across all markets including healthcare, veterinary, food and agriculture.

We provide manufacturing services for rapid tests that have successfully completed a lateral flow assay development project, either with us or another partner. In addition, our service is available to customers who already have an assay in the market, and is manufactured elsewhere, but are looking for a new manufacturing partner.

Smooth transfer to a new lateral flow test manufacturer

The requirement to transfer manufacturing of an existing lateral flow assay may be as a result of:

  • Outgrowing your in-house lateral flow manufacturing capacity and a need to scale-up to larger batch sizes
  • Need for a second test strip manufacturing partner to aid market entry in a new territory, or to manage risk and disaster planning
  • Requirement to improve assay reproducibility by switching to more automated manufacturing methods
  • Assay development completed by a service provider without a contract manufacturing capability

Regardless of the route, Abingdon Health has significant experience of technical transfer of assays through to onward routine manufacture in our facility. We ensure the transfer process is as smooth as possible in order to minimise disruption.

Design specifications, regulatory requirements, and the final kit assembly will be reviewed with the customer. Abingdon Health will proceed to manufacture a pilot batch to cross-reference assay performance with the design freeze specifications. Following this stage, we will manufacture 3 validation batches on our automated equipment as part of scale-up to routine manufacture.

Cost-effective lateral flow manufacturing

Price is a big consideration when commissioning the manufacture of lateral flow assays. It is for this reason that we aim, where possible, to beat or match any genuine like-for-like quotations from other manufacturers.

Our experience and streamlined processes and procedures, coupled with the use of state-of-the-art automated lateral flow manufacturing equipment, contribute to the output of high volume batches in accordance with schedules, and budget expectations.

The use of cost-effective quality materials allows for assays to be manufactured with the aim of achieving an acceptable return on investment for our customers once their assay enters the market.

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We have experience manufacturing lateral flow rapid diagnostics for customers across the UKEurope, North America and the rest of the world. If you would like to discuss how Abingdon Health can become the manufacturer of your lateral flow test, please call on +44 (0) 1904 406060 or email with an outline of your requirements.

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