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In addition to offering qualitative assay development, Abingdon Health offers a quantitative lateral flow test development service.

Our service follows a simultaneous assay and reader development process in order to deliver the desired semi-quantitative or quantitative product to market. Abingdon Health is able to combine either desktop, hand-held or Smartphone reader technology with lateral flow immunochromatographic technology.

This service is available to customers working across different markets such as human health, animal health, agri-food and environmental testing.

Quantitative lateral flow test development

  • Concept and Planning
  • Assay feasibility
  • Optimisation

Following initial discussions concerning market requirements, product specifications, and any applicable regulatory considerations, Abingdon Health takes both assay and reader technologies through a series of feasibility and optimisation stages designed to establish formulations, materials and processes for working prototypes.

Following client approval of the final lateral flow assay and reader design and specification, the assay is classed as having reached design freeze. At this point, the quantitative test is taken through scale-up and technical transfer. The next stage after this is routine high volume lateral flow manufacturing.

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More detail about the overall development service, along with information about the following areas, can be viewed on our lateral flow assay development page.

  • Label types
  • Sample types
  • Reagent sourcing
  • Multiplexed assays
  • Large volume manufacturing

Case Study

To give you some context into how we approach quantitative lateral flow diagnostics development, please read our case study about how Abingdon Health developed a rapid test for the quantification of kappa and lambda free light chains for haematology oncology.

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