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Biodot Lateral Flow Workshop 2019

Biodot Lateral Flow Workshop 2019

N/A 14th - 16th May 2019 Van Der Valk Hotel Amsterdam Event Website

Abingdon Health will be imparting its knowledge on the multiplexing, data gathering and traceability of lateral flow tests (LFT) in a presentation during the Biodot Lateral Flow Workshop 2019.

We will discuss the different capabilities of LFT technology and highlight the continuing trend of why many industries are moving towards capturing data from lateral flow assays.

Workshop title: Basic trends in lateral flow tests

If you are interested in learning more about the basics and trends in lateral flow test development and manufacturing, attending Biodot’s lateral flow workshop is going to beneficial for you.

Why attend Biodot’s Lateral Flow Workshop 2019?

  • Learn from lateral flow industry experts on reagents, materials, equipment and the latest advances in quantification.
  • Meet and network with peers
  • Keep up to date with current trends
  • Get to produce a working lateral flow test (Dispensing, Laminating, Cutting and Testing)

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About Abingdon Health

Abingdon Health is a lateral flow assay diagnostics development and manufacturing company and has experience of working with customers in a variety of industry sectors (agri-food, animal health, environmental testing and healthcare) from all over the world.

We provide lateral flow assay and reader complete integrated solutions for customers looking to develop new assays or looking to transfer existing laboratory-based assays to lateral flow.

Workshop agenda

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The Biodot Lateral flow test workshop