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11 June 2017 - 15 June 2017


Athens, Greece





Abingdon Health will be attending EUROMEDLAB 2017 to showcase Seralite®– FLC ELISA.

Seralite®– FLC ELISA is part of the Seralite® range and is a 96 well format, 2 plate ELISA kit utilising proven antibody technology used in the Seralite®– FLC lateral flow device.

Seralite®– FLC ELISA is a cost effective, easy to use, robust and reliable high-throughput serum free light chain assay. In addition to this, the assay offers the user some key technical features:

  • Well characterised, clinically validated monoclonal antibodies
  • Free from antigen excess (found in other methods) reducing repeats
  • Standardised ELISA format, easy to automate on ELISA platforms
  • Wide dynamic range requiring fewer dilutions/repeats than other methods
  • Scalable to requirements
  • Monoclonal antibodies giving excellent lot to lot reproducibility

Commercial Partners required

During the event, I will be looking to meet with organisations interested in adding Seralite®– FLC ELISA to their product portfolio. Information about becoming a commercial partner for Seralite®– FLC ELISA can be found by here Alternatively, please contact us using the details below.

Meeting Request

If you would like to meet with us at EUROMEDLAB 2017 please email or call +44 (0) 1904 406080 to arrange a meeting.