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Festival of Biologics


15 October 2019 - 17 October 2019


Congress Centre, Basel, Switzerland





Discuss near-patient tests for biosimilar or therapeutics differentiation

Abingdon Health offers a fully integrated service for the development and manufacture of qualitative, semi- or fully-quantitative lateral flow near-patient tests for the pharmaceutical industry.

We work with global partners to support the following activities:

  • Differentiation for off-patent biosimilars and therapeutics
  • Home testing and point-of-care approach for assessing patient response to therapy or to improve early diagnosis
  • Easy monitoring and reporting of drug adherence programs
  • Detection of drug activity biomarkers with a cost-effective and user-friendly approach

Learn about how near-patient testing can complement the pharmaceutical industry:

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Meet us at the Festival of Biologics 2019 to see how we can offer a solution for biosimilar or therapeutic product differentiation with near-patient tests.


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