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Lateral flow assay reader OEM: A flexible solution for quantitative lateral flow assays

Developing a reader that accurately quantifies lateral flow assays can be both time-consuming and complex. In order to find out how Abingdon Health can help you to streamline this process, we would like to provide you with the eBook below.

In our eBook you will discover:

  • The technology available for detecting markers at varying concentration thus aiding accurate quantification of your lateral flow assays.
  • The options for ensuring traceable data is specific to individual test specifications and sample requirements.
  • The intuitive and adaptable operating features available for user-friendly workflows.
  • Why using Abingdon Health’s proven and established FDA registered and CE marked reader technology can be the perfect solution for your lateral flow assays and onward assay development.

Viewing our eBook will allow you to see the benefits of combining established reader technology with assay development or with assays already in the marketplace.

In addition, if you have any questions about our eBook or lateral flow assay reader OEM service please email or call +44 (0) 1904 406080.

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Lateral Flow Assay Reader OEM eBook

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