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Lateral flow device manufacturer for the USA or Canada

When sourcing a lateral flow device manufacturer how can you be sure they will meet your expectations and requirements? If you perform a checkbox exercise would your potential new manufacturing partner stack up? For example, will your new partner be…

Do we check the box?
…certified to and compliant with internationally recognised quality standards?   
…experienced working in regulated markets?   
…able to develop lateral flow assays and readers?   
…capable of transferring an assay from R&D into manufacturing?   
…able to offer cost-effective routine manufacturing?   
…capable of delivering large volume batches?   
…able to offer final packaging solutions?   
…capable of providing international logistics?  
…located in the USA or Canada?  X However…

How we work with customers from the USA and Canada

The distance and time zones between the UK and North America is no barrier to creating a successful working relationship. We ensure the process of transferring your assay to our manufacturing facility is smooth by offering:

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Scheduling and deliverables specific to customer, assay and market requirements
  • Regular communication meetings scheduled to US/Canadian time zones
  • Cost-effective GMP manufacturing solutions
  • Flexible shipping solutions

Work with us and you get…

  • ..many years of development and manufacturing experience to deliver a robust diagnostic assay
  • ..assay reproducibility through automated manufacturing

Why work with Abingdon Health?

Abingdon Health has been working with contract customers from North America for many years and is one of Europe’s leading lateral flow assay development and manufacturing companies.

Abingdon Health enables customers across many different industry sectors, including healthcare, animal health, environmental and agri-food, to achieve their commercial ambitions.

Whether you are looking for a second manufacturer to enable access to the European market, or have outgrown your in-house manufacturing capacity and need to scale-up to larger batch sizes, Abingdon Health can help.

It may be that you are looking to take a lateral flow assay from R&D right the way through to routine manufacturing, in which case our fully integrated service solution can meet this need.

Our facilities

Abingdon Health’s lateral flow development and manufacturing facility is certified to ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 and is GMP compliant with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our location

Our R&D facility for assay development and reader customisation is located in Birmingham, with good train links and a major international airport only 30 minutes away. While our lateral flow manufacturing facilities are situated on the York Biotech Campus (formerly NAFIC) on the outskirts of the medieval city of York, UK and 40 miles south in Doncaster, UK.

Contact us

If you are looking for a lateral flow device manufacturer for the USA or Canada please contact our team on +44 1904 406082 or [email protected].