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In a series of articles published by Abingdon Health investigating why the lateral flow diagnostics market is growing, a reoccurring theme was highlighted.

Whether working in healthcare, animal health or agri-food, for example, professionals want to carry out their roles in an accurate, cost-effective and time-efficient manner in response to demand. Conversely, the market wants to be recipients of rapid and early diagnosis, or detection, and of course subsequent treatments, solutions or care packages.

This is why testing and diagnostic professionals across the different sectors are turning to lateral flow technology. The evolution of assay and reader technology, coupled with development and manufacturing capabilities, is allowing professionals, even in regulated markets, to meet the demands of stakeholders.

Knowing the capabilities of lateral flow technology and the potential technological evolution, it goes some way to explaining why lateral flow diagnostics market is growing, and expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.2% by 2022.

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Abingdon Health’s Role In The Growing Lateral Flow Market

Abingdon Health has a long-track record of developing and manufacturing single target and multiplex lateral flow assays, both qualitative and quantitative, within regulated and non-regulated markets. Watch one of our videos or contact us to learn more about our capabilities.

Published on 3rd May 2018