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The following refers to our Seralite® – FLC product.

Clinicians are able to better understand disease status and can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Clinical Features and Benefits

The features of the Seralite® – FLC device provide numerous informative and empowering benefits to clinicians and laboratories. By obtaining results rapidly, clinicians are able to better understand disease status.

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History of FLC testing

Monoclonal FLC are important disease biomarkers in patients with myeloma and related disorders.

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Diagnosis and Management

Seralite®– FLC helps address the many challenges associated with the diagnosis and management of Multiple Myeloma and other B Cell Dyscrasias.

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B-Cell Dyscrasias

B-cell dyscrasias are disorders of the plasma cells, characterised by the abnormal proliferation of a monoclonal population of plasma cells.

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