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Diagnosis and Management

The challenges in diagnosis and management of Multiple Myeloma patients

The management of Multiple Myeloma and other B-Cell Dyscrasias is faced with many challenges including:

  • Delay in initial diagnosis
  • Delay in identifying treatment response or patient relapse
  • Prescribing costly and toxic treatment regimens which potentially may be ineffective

Standard practices rely on laboratory-based tests to provide information to the clinician for decision making. The time between taking blood samples and receiving laboratory results can vary from a few days to several weeks if the sample is referred to another testing laboratory for analysis of FLC.

Patients often have to go to the hospital to have their blood taken prior to seeing the Haematologist. The availability of a rapid test for FLC can reduce hospital visits and thus have economic savings.

There is an underlying requirement both for clinicians and patients for a test that can:

  • Provide rapid results at diagnosis
  • Monitor response to therapy and identify relapse in a “real time” situation
  • Identify response or lack of response to treatment
  • Facilitate the stratification and monitoring of MGUS patients

Use of Seralite®– FLC can facilitate:

  • Reduced waiting times for results
  • Potential for fewer visits to the clinic

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Seralite®– FLC is not available for sale in the USA.