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To find your nearest distributor of Seralite®– FLC ELISA please see the list at the bottom of this page.

Becoming a distributor of Seralite®– FLC ELISA

Abingdon Health is seeking new distributors of Seralite®– FLC ELISA. We are looking for experienced, enthusiastic and dynamic distributors to assist us in developing the market for and growing the sales of our innovative assay which aids clinicians in the diagnosis and monitoring of multiple myeloma.

This 96 well format, 2 plate ELISA kit utilises the same extensively validated, monoclonal detection antibodies that have been used in our Seralite®– FLC lateral flow assay.

Why add Seralite®– FLC ELISA to your product portfolio?

Seralite®– FLC ELISA will allow you to offer your customers a cost effective, easy to use, robust and reliable high-throughput serum free light chain assay. In addition, the assay offers the user some key technical advantages:

• No hook effect, eliminating concerns about Antigen Excess
• Excellent lot to lot reproducibility due to the use of monoclonal antibodies
• Utilisation of well characterised, clinically validated monoclonal antibodies

What support do you receive as a distributor?

• Convenient and easy order process
• Tracked international shipping service
• Technical support from our customer service team
• Assistance in producing language specific documents, fliers and brochures

If you are a distributor interested in adding Seralite®– FLC ELISA to your portfolio then do not hesitate to e-mail

Distributors of Seralite®– FLC ELISA

European Distributors

Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg (Benelux)
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