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ADxLR5® is a CE marked and FDA registered lateral flow assay reader used for producing quantitative results from lateral flow assays.

Abingdon Health customers use the ADxLR5® reader alongside lateral flow technology products, Seralite®– FLC Serum and Seralite®– FLC Urine. Both assays are designed for the quantitative measurement of kappa and lambda immunoglobulin free light chains (FLC) to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of multiple myeloma patients.

By combining reader and lateral flow technology, Seralite®– FLC Serum and Seralite®– FLC Urine enables the provision of FLC results in ~10 minutes rather than days or weeks via other diagnostic methods. With this simple to use, compact, rapid test, clinicians are able to monitor patients in “real time” supporting faster decision making.



Testing Free Light Chains with ADxLR5 (lateral flow reader)The ADxLR5® reader technology can also be customised to read single or multiplexed lateral flow assays, as well as multiple assays and as such is also an OEM option for customers. In addition, its compliance with regulatory requirements means it is acceptable for use in many different industry sectors. A list of customisation options can be found on our Lateral Flow Reader OEM page.

Advantages of ADxLR5®

Advantages of ADxLR5®

With an ever demanding diagnostic marketplace, ADxLR5® has been designed with the end user in mind. The reader is easy to use and contains a simple step-by-step operating process that requires little training. Below gives an insight into why ADxLR5® should be considered for lateral flow assays that require quantification.

Features Benefits
Flexible, soft close sample draw Can be used to read a wide range of devices
Sample data imported via barcode scanner Rapid and accurate results
Data can be transferred via Wi-Fi, USB or securely using the Ethernet connection Data transfer tailored to customer needs
Icon driven graphical display guides operator through test process with on-screen and audio prompts The ease of use means that each reading is carried out, in the same way, every time – less margin for error.
CE marked and FDA registered Suitable for regulated markets

Standard Specification

Standard specification

Dimensions & Weight: 304 x 210 x 192mm, 4kg
Device reading time: Approximately 7 seconds
Screen size: 10.1-inch colour touch screen
Data storage: Greater than 10,000 results
Data Transfer Wi-Fi, USB or Ethernet
User interface Touch-screen software
Calibration Performed with calibration device and internal software
Test Format Dimensions Adaptable
Number of test lines per device Adaptable

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