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Seralite®-FLC Serum: summary of peer reviewed papers

Peer reviewed papers highlighting Seralite® – FLC in diagnosis and monitoring of multiple myeloma

Seralite® – FLC, a quantitative rapid test, featured in three respected scientific journals: Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM); British Journal of Haematology (BJH); and BMC Nephrology.

flc testing for myeloma

In each of the publications, the authors highlighted several user and patient-management benefits when using Seralite® – FLC to aid the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with multiple myeloma and related conditions.

The authorship includes Professor Mark Drayson from the University of Birmingham; along with other experts from the University of Leeds, Newcastle University, Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands, Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, Netherlands, Harvard University, USA, and the University of Arkansas, USA.

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