In the next edition of our “Meet the Team Series”, we talk to Malcolm Briggs who leads Abingdon Health’s digital marketing, and the sales of Pocket Diagnostic®.

What does a normal day entail for you?

“A typical day for me can vary from being immersed in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and editing our websites, updating customers via various digital marketing channels or liaising with Pocket Diagnostic® customers and distributors.”

An Abingdon Health charity event image; Tough Mudder 2016

“I’m also one of Abingdon Health’s charity co-ordinators. So, I also get involved in planning our charity events: there have been plenty, some a little crazier than others - Tough Mudder and Yorkshire 3 Peaks to name a couple!”

What do you like most about working at Abingdon Health?

“Abingdon Health is evolving; introducing and developing new products and services to meet and exceed customer expectations. For example, we recently launched a new ‘off the shelf’ lateral flow reader and flexible Smartphone reader technology, and we announced two successful grant awards for the commencement of a bovine mastitis rapid test development project and a time-resolved fluorescence (TRFL) reader development project.”

“These new developments mean from a marketing point of view I am busy planning and implementing the communication of our activities to our target audiences, which I enjoy. A little spoiler for you, we’ll soon be launching a new product!”

How is digital technology helping lateral flow diagnostics, and what does the future hold?

“Every element of life is being influenced by digital technology: travel, entertainment and home life for example, and in most cases for the better. I would certainly say lateral flow diagnostics is benefiting from digital technology.”

“Connectivity capabilities, by combining Smartphone and cloud technology or desktop reader and Wi-Fi technology, are allowing lateral flow test results to be transferred from devices to data silos quickly. The obvious benefit being that stakeholders can access data quickly and interpret, make decisions and act on the data in a timely fashion.”

Neeraj Adsul mentioned that high-performance reader technology is “crucial to get the best value from the lateral flow tests”, I would have to agree. It is this reader technology that will be the epicentre of lateral flow diagnostics in the future.”

Smartphone lateral flow reader in someone's hand“Mobile phone reader technology is growing in demand and will continue to do so. This is mainly down to the possibilities, and flexibility, of combining readily available Smartphone functions [cameras etc] with lateral flow technology: it makes for a cost-effective rapid test development option."

"A major positive with using lateral flow Smartphone readers is that the easy and rapid access to tests results helps with turning data into insight. And with the fast-paced modern world, these capabilities are going to provide many user and cost-saving benefits”

What are your interests outside of work?

“I have 3 passions outside of work: my family, food and rugby. There is nothing more I love than spending time with my partner and two children! I love cooking Spanish food, roast dinners and soups. I have also been known to like eating a few meals or two! I don’t play anymore but I loved playing rugby. I had a brilliant time playing; I met some fantastic people and played games in several countries, I even had a run out at Twickenham and played twice at Headingley Stadium.”

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