As we approach 2017 we look back on both a very busy and successful year for Abingdon Health. We have launched some of our own clinical products, launched a new lateral flow reader (ADxLR5®) and provided lateral flow assay manufacturing services to more companies than ever before.

New additions to the Abingdon Health Assay Portfolio

2016 saw the introduction of Seralite®– FLC Urine and Seralite®– FLC ELISA to complement Seralite®– FLC Serum. The expansion of this assay range allows us to offer different solutions to customers to meet their individual workload requirements.

In addition to expanding our assay menu, during AACC in Philadelphia we launched a new lateral flow reader - ADxLR5®, which supports the users of Seralite®– FLC Urine and Seralite®– FLC Serum in producing accurate quantitative results for free light chains (FLC) while providing all the connectivity and traceability requirements needed for clinical laboratories.

Medical DiagnosticsThe ADxLR5® is FDA registered and CE marked and is designed to be flexible and adaptable. This allows us to offer our lateral flow OEM customers a cost effective reader development solution alongside quantitative lateral flow assay development and manufacturing.

Seralite®– FLC Serum goes global

In June 2016 we were pleased to announce a global distribution agreement with Sebia, a world leader in electrophoresis products, for Seralite®– FLC Serum.

At the time our CEO, Chris Yates expressed his pleasure in being able to announce this collaboration.

“We are delighted to partner with Sebia in the global distribution of Serum Seralite®– FLC. Sebia’s global reach and market leadership in the provision of electrophoresis testing makes it the perfect partner to launch our new product worldwide,”

“We believe the combination of Abingdon Health and Sebia’s products provides customers with the complete solution for the testing of multiple myeloma [in serum].”

Quality at the heart of everything we do

To accompany the already established ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and BS EN ISO 13485:2012 certification, we were also able to announce the registration of our manufacturing facilities as GMP compliant, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We also expanded our ISO certification scope to include the manufacture of ELISA products.

In July, Marsha Leeman, Quality and Regulatory Affairs Director, explained the importance of this announcement, “The registration of our manufacturing facilities as GMP compliant reaffirms Abingdon Health’s commitment to making the groups Quality Management system integral to the company’s core business principles both for our own assays and also for our customers.”

Caring for the next generation

The diagnostics market is ever evolving owing to demand, thus resulting in some of the greatest minds in the world pushing boundaries in order to provide beneficiaries with fast diagnostic solutions.

We announced this year the signing of a collaboration agreement with Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd (“Sumitomo Chemical”) to develop a next generation multiplexed point of care biosensor device.

This agreement follows a 2-year joint development agreement (“JDA”) between Molecular Vision, a subsidiary of Abingdon Health, and Sumitomo Chemical, to prove the feasibility of the device. This project is focused on integrating lateral flow devices and printed electronic technologies to produce an easy-to-use compact device for a variety of applications.

Chris Yates, CEO of Abingdon Health, said: “After a successful two-year collaboration we look forward to continuing to work with our partner Sumitomo Chemical to develop our new biosensor device. With the advent of big data within medical diagnostics, coupled with the increasing desire for connected point of care testing, we believe that this multiplexed biosensor device will have considerable applicability now and in the future.”

Charity activity£300,000 raised for myeloma research in 2016

In between all of these activities, members of the team found windows of opportunity to support three UK charities, Myeloma UK, Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice and Sands, the stillbirth and neo-natal death charity.

While taking on some gruelling challenges, including a 500km bike ride, as well as some more sedate activities, our team managed to fundraise £12,216.49 for these worthwhile causes.


Through the development of next generation multiplexed rapid diagnostics technology, and in addition to offering our established rapid diagnostic products and lateral flow assay contract services, we will continue to deliver rapid diagnostic tools to provide the best possible products for our end-users and continue to innovate in this field.

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