The UK Government recently announced the removal of free COVID-19 antigen tests in the UK as of 1st April 2022. COVID-19 lateral flow tests are no longer being provided free of charge in England to a majority of individuals. In Scotland, the majority of the public will no longer have access to free COVID tests from 18th April 2022. Leaving many concerned where they will be able to purchase lateral flow test kits, whether this be on a sporadic or frequent basis.

However, in Wales people will have access to free COVID-19 tests until June at least. Northern Ireland will also review their position on free lateral flow testing leading up to June 2022.

Where can you purchase your COVID-19 lateral flow antigen tests?

These changes firmly put the responsibility of ruling-in or ruling-out COVID-19 in the hands of the public. The good news is people will still be able to get COVID-19 lateral flow tests for self testing or workplace testing schemes purposes, although at a cost. To help minimise the costs for individuals and businesses, Abingdon Health are offering discounts and/or free shipping on COVID-19 antigen self test kits for a period of time.

  • Confirm a result within 15 minutes
  • CE marked for home self testing
  • Simple nasal swab sampling
  • Sensitivity: 91.63%, Specificity: 99.84%%
  • Fast delivery

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