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Plant Disease Testing Kits

Pocket DiagnPlant disease test kits - Pocket Diagnosticostic® is a range of easy to use, rapid lateral flow testing kits for on-site detection of commercially damaging plant diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Taking the guess work out of plant disease identification, these lightweight tests provide in-field results in minutes, helping to protect crops and the environment from harmful disease.

Pocket Diagnostic® product list

Plant disease detection with Pocket Diagnostic®

The following diseases can be detected by our range of plant disease testing kits. Visit our product pages for more information.

Disease Kit quantities available
Beet necrotic yellow vein virus* Box of 4
Cucumber mosaic virus Box of 4
Erwinia amylovora* Box of 4
Impatiens necrotic spot virus* Box of 4
Pepino mosaic virus* Box of 4
Potato virus A Box of 4
Potato virus S Box of 4
Potato virus V Box of 4
Potato virus X Box of 4
Potato virus Y Box of 4
Tomato mosaic virus Box of 4
Potato virus multi-3 – PVX,Y,A Pack of 3
Potato virus multi-5 – PVY,X,A,S,V Pack of 5
Phytophthora* Single Box of 50
Ralstonia solanacearum* Box of 4 Box of 50
Xanthomonas hortorum p.v. pelargonii Box of 4 Box of 50
*These pathogens feature on the EPPO list of pests recommended for regulation as quarantine pests.

A list of prices can be viewed by visiting the Pocket Diagnostic online shop or by clicking this link to our latest price list.

Ordering Pocket Diagnostic®

Ordering Pocket Diagnostic®

Please click on the link below for details on which pathogens are detected by the Pocket Diagnostic® range, and for information on how to order online.

Link: Pocket Diagnostic online shopPhytophthora in field test - Pocket Diagnostic

For customers who would prefer to purchase by pro-forma invoice please call +44 (0) 1904 406 060 or email pocketdiagnostic@abingdonhealth.com

Benefits of Pocket Diagnostic®

The benefits of using Pocket Diagnostic®

For nearly 20 years the Pocket Diagnostic® product range has helped growers, inspectors and consultants manage plant disease and protect crops through early and routine diagnosis of plant pathogens. The tests offer many advantages:

  • Simple to use test kit – no training needed
  • Rapid results within minutes
  • On-site detection of a plant pathogen
  • Can be used for routine screening
  • Can identify a disease outbreak quickly
  • Enables on-the-spot disease management decisions
  • Identification and subsequent action reduces the risk of disease spreading
  • Cost effective solution to monitoring disease
  • Removes subjectivity in disease detection
  • Cost effective alternative to laboratory testing

Applications and Use

Applications and Use

Pocket Diagnostic® testing kits are used to detect plant pathogens in trees, ornamentals, soft fruits, vegetables and crops. The tests are designed to give growers, consultants and inspectors information about plant health where and when it is needed. Disease symptoms can be confirmed in just a few minutes in the glasshouse, field or supply chain.

While the Pocket Diagnostic® tests are primarily used by professionals working with protected and field crops, the ease of use means that they can be used by anyone looking for a rapid and accurate on-site result.

Pocket Diagnostic® puts the control in the hands of the growers for improved crop disease management. They give inspectors and technical advisors greater certainty over advice, saving time and money for clients.

Whether a grower uses Pocket Diagnostic® to screen their crop for a commercially damaging disease, an inspector uses the tests as part of their statutory work, or agronomists to prevent the spread of disease in woodland; the Pocket Diagnostic tests are robust enough to cope with the demand of this varied testing landscape.

Pathogens such as Phytophthora (Late blight, Sudden oak death, Root rot), Ralstonia solanacearum (Brown rot, Bacterial wilt), Erwinia amylovora (Fireblight), Pepino mosaic virusTomato mosaic virus, Potato virus Y, Potato virus X are a few examples of the tests available.

Our manufacturing processes and the quality standards we adhere to ensure the Pocket Diagnostic® range continues to be a market leader in plant disease testing and be an ever present part of plant disease management.

The science behind Pocket Diagnostic

Click here to view a presentation explaining the science behind Pocket Diagnostic.

Using Pocket Diagnostic®

Using Pocket Diagnostic® Plant Disease Tests Kits

Everything needed to carry out the test is included in the pack. The kit utilises a unique ‘bottle and ball’ sample preparation method which means the plant material is sufficiently broken down after only 30-60 seconds of shaking. This is a much easier and cleaner approach to sample preparation and is easily applied to all plant materials including tree bark, although these harder materials may require slightly longer shaking.

How to use the test

Plant disease testing, or plant disease detection, using Pocket Diagnostic

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  1. Select sample (See below for sample preparation
  2. Cut or tear sample into small pieces and put into bottle  
  3. Shake firmly for 30-60 seconds to break up the sample.
  4. Draw liquid into pipette (avoid drawing too much sample debris and air bubbles)
  5. Add 2 drops into the sample well of the test. (Keep test device level and do not add too much liquid)
  6. Read result after 3-5 minutes.

Sample Preparation

Using Pocket Diagnostic® is very easy and selection of the most appropriate sample ensures accurate and reliable results. Pocket Diagnostic can be used on the following plant material:

  • Leaves
  • Shoots
  • Roots
  • Flowers (cut into small pieces)
  • Fruit
  • Bark (cut into small pieces)
  • Woody material (cut into small pieces)

Choose a sample of tissue which is approximately 0.2g or if using leaf material no bigger than 25x25mm. Using too much plant material will block the test device. Take symptomatic tissue from where the healthy plant material meets the diseased plant material. Don’t use dead plant material. Wash off soil and other debris from the sample.

Always read the instructions provided with the kits before use.



One line is negative result, two lines show positive result. The absence of a line at C indicates the test has failed and must be repeated.

 Negative result - plant disease testing Positive result - plant disease testing

Quality Standards

Pocket Diagnostic® Quality Standards

Pocket Diagnostic® kits are developed and manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment in controlled environment production facilities.

Pocket Diagnostic plant pathogen detectionThe tests are validated comprehensively and show over 96% correlation with laboratory diagnostic methods. We are accredited to international quality standards of ISO13485:2003 & ISO9001:2008. This ensures quality and accurate results.

All demanding high quality and reliability, our clients continue to use Pocket Diagnostic® kits as part of their routine disease monitoring programmes or as a direct reaction to potentially devastating disease outbreaks.

Visit our Pocket Diagnostic® product pages for information sheets on each test kit.

Pocket Diagnostic® is the registered trademark of Forsite Diagnostics Ltd trading as Abingdon Health.

History of Pocket Diagnostic®

To read more about why, and when Pocket Diagnostic® entered the market place please click on the link below.

Link: The history of Pocket Diagnostic®

Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Pocket Diagnostic® plant disease tests are used by a variety of organisations world-wide. Government agencies such as the UK’s Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) and Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) along with other European and USA government and private agencies use the tests as part of statutory plant disease screening and quarantine work.

Other customers include growers, large and small, and the garden and nursery industry. Please read the statements below from some of our customers.

In addition you can read about when Pocket Diagnostic® featured on the BBC’s Countryfile TV programme.

If you would like to comment on your Pocket Diagnostic® experience please contact Malcolm Briggs (Sales and Marketing Executive) by clicking here.

John Mcdonald, Nursery Industry Development Manager, Nursery and Garden Industry Queensland (AUS) www.ngiq.asn.au

“NGIQ distributes Pocket Diagnostic Test Kits across Australia to a diverse range of clients including government plant pathology units, crop consultants, plant protection managers, revegetation contractors and growers of nursery crops, fruit and vegetables. NGIQ also utilises the Pocket Diagnostic Test Kits in its plant protection system validation (auditing) of production nurseries operating under the Nursery Production Farm Management System, in-turn reducing diagnostic costs by 50% while increasing sampling rates. Periodic comparison analysis using laboratory assessments of samples diagnosed by Pocket Diagnostic Test Kits have shown a 100% correlation of results. Growers report that the advantages of portability, real time results (3 – 10 minutes) and the low cost are a significant advantage in diagnosing infection pathways, promoting effective crop monitoring and in guiding plant protection strategies. Simply, Pocket Diagnostic Test Kits are applying high level technology on-farm in a robust design at an affordable cost giving instant results”.

Joan Allen, Assistant Extension Educator, (University of Connecticut USA, Plant Diagnostic Laboratory)

“I am the plant diagnostician at the University of Connecticut and these tests are very useful for making a confident diagnosis quickly when microscopic analysis is not sufficient”.

Orlando Gonzalez Barrientos, Agronomist/Plant Inspector, Mattilsynet (Norwegian Food Safety Authority) www.mattilsynet.no

“We are very satisfied with the kits we have received. These kits allow us to select more thoroughly the material to be sent forward to our verifying laboratory”.

Maria Gråberg, Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket) www.jordbruksverket.se

“Our inspectors use the test kits in nurseries, Garden Centers and parks when they are doing the inspections. This facilitates their work as they can tell the results quicker. Only when the test kit shows a positive reaction the sample is sent to the laboratory for confirmation. This saves time and money”.

Gure’ahafo Tumae, Fresh Produce Development Agency, Papua New Guinea, www.fpda.com.pg

“I am totallly satisfied with the Ralstonia solanacearum diagnostic kit you supplied. I got results that confirmed absence/presence of the bacterium and the ease with which to work was really convenient.”

Mr. Victor Perdrix, Managing director, OpenNatur s.l., Lleida, Spain www.opennatur.com

“The experiences in Spain with the Pocket Diagnostics test kits are very good. Our customers are very satisfied with your test kits for Erwinia amylovora (Eam) en Xanthomas arboricola pv pruni (Xap). They experience (feel/judge) the use of the Pocket Diagnostics product as very efficient and productive. Based on the good experiences in the fruit sector i am noticing now an upcoming interest also in other horticultural sectors to use products of Pocket Diagnostics for e.g. detection of Phytophtora and viruses in tomato.”

The following customer comment comes via our distributor in the Netherlands. Plant Research International www.pri.wur.nl

Mr. Marco Schuurman, Technical advisor, Cultus Agro Advies, Lottum, The Netherlands

“The Lateral Flow Devices for the detection of Xanthomonas arboricola pv pruni are just perfect! Results are fast and clear and already visible after a couple of minutes. The grower can directly act on basis of the test results. Last year, Cultus Agro Advies executed a validation experiment with Dr. Joop van Doorn of Applied Plant Research in Lisse, the result was that 100% of the lateral flow devices tested positive on Xanthomonas arboricola pv pruni in the field were also positive using the molecular PCR-assay in the laboratory. This gave us a lot of confidence in the product. I have always a couple of Pocket Diagnostic® test kits for Xanthomonas arboricola pv pruni with me when i am advising our growers. A bacterial disease like Xanthomonas arboricola pv pruni is still very difficult to manage/control but this easy-to-use tool is really helpful to growers to detect the disease at an early stage.”

Distributor Information

Abingdon Health ship Pocket Diagnostic® to the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Worldwide. However, if you would prefer to buy from an organisation closer to you please visit our Pocket Diagnostic distributor page.

We are always looking to extend our distributor network. Companies interested in becoming a distributor for Pocket Diagnostic® can contact our sales and marketing team on +44 (0) 1904 406 060 or pocketdiagnostic@abingdonhealth.com for more information. 

Contact Information

Questions about Pocket Diagnostic® can be directed to our sales and marketing team at +44 (0) 1904 406 060 or pocketdiagnostic@abingdonhealth.com

Forsite Diagnostics Ltd is the registered owner of Pocket Diagnostic®. Forsite Diagnostics Ltd is now trading as Abingdon Health.

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