Seralite® – FLC Serum* utilises highly specific, anti-K and anti-λ monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) which are conjugated to gold particles and incorporated into a simple to use lateral flow device.

The serum is added to the sample buffer provided with the kit and then added to the sample port. The sample flows through the conjugate pad containing the gold nanoparticles coupled to mAbs.

Sample, and the mAb gold conjugate flow through a membrane containing two test lines, one pre-coated with purified Κ FLC and the other with purified λ FLC. A third line made up of immobilised biotin acts as a control line. Inhibition of mAb-gold binding to the test lines indicates the presence of FLC in the sample.

After ~10 minutes the sample is analysed on a CE marked lateral flow assay reader (ADxLR5® Reader System) which reads the results of the device, quantifies the kappa and lambda FLC and calculates the ratio of Κ/λ FLC.

An abnormal K/λ ratio indicates monoclonal FLC production.

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