The pre-calculated batch specific calibration parameters for the Seralite®– FLC Serum assay are stored on individual QR codes and are available to download from the table below. The calibration data are valid for a maximum of six months, after which the barcode will expire and a new barcode will become available.

The table below details all the current batch specific calibration barcodes:

Batch Number Date of validity Expiry Date Download
SS210101 1st Jul 2022 31st Dec 2022 Click here
SS210102 1st Jul 2022 31st Dec 2022 Click here
SS210201 2nd Sept 2022 28th Feb 2023 Click here

Once downloaded, the calibration parameters for the assay are required to be uploaded to the ADxLR5® Reader System prior to any testing being performed. To upload the data the calibration barcode is required to be scanned and the information uploaded and stored in the calibration library within the Reader. Once uploaded the calibration data will be available for all future testing of the batch until the calibration barcode expires.

In the absence of a valid barcode no testing will be able to be performed.

Please refer to the current Seralite®– FLC Serum instructions for use and ADxLR5® Reader System User Guide for full guidance.

If you have any questions or are experiencing difficulties please to do not hesitate to contact Abingdon Health at: or call +44 (0) 1904 40 60 82.