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Following the availability of Seralite®– FLC ELISA, Abingdon Health is pleased to announce the availability of a White Paper containing key information on the technical aspects of the assay.

Providing a cost-effective solution for serum free light chain analysis, Seralite®– FLC ELISA utilises well characterised, highly specific, highly sensitive monoclonal detection antibodies for the robust and accurate measurement of both kappa and lambda free light chains (FLC) in patient samples.

Seralite®– FLC ELISA is easy for laboratories to introduce, either by manual methods or on one of the commonly available automated ELISA platforms. Seralite®– FLC ELISA is the perfect solution for laboratories that are introducing free light chain testing for the first time and those that have a well-established, high volume workload.

How to receive a copy of the white paper?

Please click on this link to request a free copy of the Seralite®– FLC ELISA White Paper. Alternatively, please email our team directly at

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