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Posted: April 23, 2018
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Supporting customers in diagnostic related grant funding applications

Developing a diagnostic assay is a costly and sometimes risky proposition, as a result many turn to grant funding to de-risk the project and receive the all-important financial resource to get the project off the ground.

Grant funding can cover early market research to establish the market need for a diagnostic assay, it could build on previous research to help establish product feasibility, or it can enable progression to product prototyping and clinical/field trials. The duration and funds available vary significantly and ensuring your project meets the scope of the fund being applied for is a critical step in the process.

Assistance with grant funding

Abingdon Health has a long track record of participating in successful grant-funded projects including FP7, H2020, Innovate UK, Biomedical Catalyst, MRC, BBSRC, to name a few.

Our participation in grant applications is typically as a named sub-contractor for companies or academic groups looking to develop a specific lateral flow assay. We have however been the project lead, or sole applicant, for internal development projects, as well as being part of a consortium where Abingdon are the named commercial partner for specific diagnostic applications.

Recent grant funding success

Earlier this month, we were awarded a significant grant from Innovate UK for the development of a cow side test for the detection of mastitis. The project is in collaboration with the University of Glasgow and builds on their many years of biomarker research.

Getting the help you need

Applying for grants is not always plain sailing; it may take a few attempts to secure a grant. It is a result of numerous applications that we have developed a good knowledge of the grant funding landscape and an understanding of what is required to prepare a strong application.

If you are looking to apply for grant funding for your lateral flow assay project, we are happy to support you in this. Our input can be as little as providing an estimate for assay development, based on some key assay specifications, or it could be a detailed proposal including key deliverables, timescales and costs for each phase of development.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific project to see how we may be able to help.

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