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Compatible with different lateral flow assay types

During the early stages of developing a lateral flow assay, the use of a lateral flow assay reader is an essential tool. Whether the assay is quantitative, semi-quantitative, or qualitative, the ADxLR5® Developer is an easy-to-use tool during the assay development process.

The ADxLR5® Developer, which is CE marked in accordance with the EMC and low voltage directives, is engineered to be compatible with a wide range of lateral flow assay types, i.e. competitive or sandwich assay formats, gold, carbon or coloured latex particles, and can be used across different industry sectors.

The ADxLR5® Developer analyses the lateral flow assay and provides an on-screen intensity profile of the test lines and control line and displays a picture of the LFD in 1-dimension, see Figure 1.

Lateral flow assay reader: Example intensity profile for 2 test lines and a control line.

Figure 1: Example intensity profile for 2 test lines and a control line.

The data points shown in Figure 1 can be exported to a standard Excel data package for further interpretation and analysis.

The ADxLR5® Developer is designed to read assays which are housed within Abingdon Health’s standard plastic cassettes, these items are supplied separately. An additional dipstick tray accessory allows for additional flexibility.

An optional barcode scanner also allows sample and test device traceability.

How can the ADxLR5® Developer help your lateral flow assay requirements?

  • lateral flow reader customisation and big dataInstant read functionality saves time by enabling the quick processing of 100’s of tests
  • High capacity data storage and simple transfer of data makes processing of results quick and easy
  • User-friendly workflow is easy-to-use, ensuring minimal training
  • Additional customisation solutions provide a future-proof system, reducing costs longer term.
  • Compatibility with both cassette and dipstick devices provides flexibility


ADxLR5® Developer lateral flow assay reader specifications

  • Dimensions & Weight: 304 x 210 x 192mm, 4kg
  • Device reading time: Approximately 7.5 seconds
  • Screen: 1-inch colour touchscreen
  • Data storage: Greater than 10,000 results
  • Data Transfer: USB
  • User interface: Capacitive Touch-screen, compatible with standard laboratory gloves (nitrile, latex etc.)
  • Reader Optics Check: A daily quality control with supplied QC Device.
  • Test Format Dimensions:
    • 5mm x 60mm strip inside standard plastic housing,
    • Maximum 4.5mm x 75mm bare dipstick
      • Centre of the active area of the NC pad must be situated around 31mm of the total length of the strip
    • Nitrocellulose reading zone:
      • 14mm maximum with plastic housing
      • 16mm maximum for dipstick
    • Separation between line edges:
      • Minimum 1.5mm, recommended >=2.0mm
    • Minimum thickness of the lines: 0.5mm
    • Assay formats: Sandwich and competitive inhibition
    • Assay label compatibility: Gold, carbon, coloured latex particles (excluding blue)

How to order

How to order ADxLR5® Developer

The ADxLR5® Developer is an ‘off the shelf’ lateral flow reader with optional associated accessories. The available items are as follows:

  • ADxLR5® Developer
  • ADxLR5® Developer System – includes a barcode scanner and plastic housings
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Bag of plastic housing cassettes – 50 uppers and lowers

To order the ADxLR5® Developer please contact a member of our team for pricing information.

Tel: +44 (0) 1904 406082

Customisation of the ADxLR5®

Customisation of the ADxLR5®

The ADxLR5® is also available for customisation as part of our OEM reader services. Options range from setting the reading parameters to be compatible with the client’s lateral flow assay, writing a suitable user workflow, and reader rebranding. The customised reader will be tested and monitored alongside the lateral flow device to ensure both the assay and the reader are working to meet customer and market needs.

The ADxLR5® was initially developed for use with Seralite®– FLC to quantify kappa and lambda free light chains in serum to aid the diagnosis, monitoring and management of multiple myeloma (blood cancer) patients, it is now available in 70 countries worldwide.

Further details of our lateral flow assay reader customisation service please contact us on +44 (0) 1904 406082 or

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