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Hand-held lateral flow assay reader customisation

As part of our lateral flow reader OEM services, we offer our contract customers with a hand-held lateral flow assay reader option by utilising CE marked reader technology from Skannex.

In the same way as we approach lateral flow reader customisation whilst using technology from ADxLR5®, we take our customers through a step-by-step process in order to set out the project and market goals.

Following discussions with clients about assay and reader market requirements, plans are formulated and objectives and timelines set in order to take an assay and reader through feasibility, optimisation and validation.

Clients will have a choice of customisation options to choose from including setting specific reading parameters, configuring the reader to read single or multiple test lines or setting up a user workflow that is compatible with a lateral flow assay.

The Technology

Hand-held lateral flow reader technology

Barcode, image recognition, image capture and analysis technology combines to allow for an efficient integrated process. The software can recognise barcodes and therefore identify the device and the assay type. Also, batch specific data is extracted from the barcode, and the image of the test window is analysed to generate quantitative results. Pictures of variable size, pixels and focus will be processed with to produce reliable results.

Results are automatically stored and may be printed via a portable Bluetooth printer, which is useful for professionals who work in the field. Alternatively, results can be emailed or downloaded to a computer which suits professionals who have access to internet and Wi-Fi networks.


Advantages of this reader technology

Our aim is to provide customers with the broadest range of reader instrumentation. So, like our CE marked and FDA registered reader, ADxLR5®, Skannex’s hand-held reader technology provides users with up-to-date features required for the analysis of complex lateral flow devices.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Multiple test lines and test strips can be read
  • Branding can be adapted
  • Adaptable for different test formats
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Data transfer via Wi-Fi
  • Software update function via Wi-Fi
  • Large results storage memory

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