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Abingdon Health is developing the next generation of multiplexed rapid diagnostics technology to meet the market need for a simple to use, rapid, cost effective, portable systems.

Our rapid testing system patented technology integrates low-cost Organic Light Emitting diodes (OLEDs) and Organic Photodetectors (OPDs) with immunoassay lateral flow chemistry to allow the quantitative measurement of a range of multiplexed assay panels.Biosensor-image-Apr-2017x7

The benefits of the technology platform include the following:

  • Low cost per result
  • Fully quantitative
  • High sensitivity
  • Small footprint
  • Robust and portable
  • Multi-analyte detection – Up to 20 biomarkers on one single cartridge
  • Range of multi-analyte panels can be run on one rapid testing system
  • Smartphone and tablet enabled software designed for intuitive, minimal user interaction

This technology can be applied to the medical, veterinary, food safety, plant testing, and homeland security sectors.

Multiplexed biosensor partnershipAbingdon Health is developing the multiplexed point-of-care biosensor in partnership with Cambridge Display Technology Limited (“CDT”), a Sumitomo Chemical Group Company.

In addition, the collaboration has been established to prove the feasibility of the device in order to accommodate diagnostic market requirements.

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