All lateral flow assays need to produce robust and reproducible results. Ensuring this happens is ultimately the responsibility of the lateral flow assay manufacturer. In the latest of the Abingdon Health Nanos, Operations Director, Michael Hunter imparts his knowledge in this area and outlines how Abingdon Health approaches each lateral flow manufacturing project.

The transcript for the video, ‘What 3 things should you consider when choosing a lateral flow assay manufacturing partner’

"The uniqueness of each [lateral flow] assay means each product needs the right care and attention when it comes to achieving large volume manufacture. So, it’s important that the development and scaling-up processes are done in a way that means once an assay reaches the routine manufacturing stage the assay will be ready to cope with such large volume requirements.”

“Working to recognised Quality Standards helps to progress the assay efficiently. Appropriately trained staff and implementing the processes and procedures ensures that the transition from development, through technical transfer and into manufacture is seamless.”

“As Abingdon Health offers integrated lateral flow assay and reader services, it enables us to work with, and communicate efficiently between departments. So, from the outset of an assay project our development, manufacture, reader, if applicable, and quality departments will work together. Which means by the time the assay reaches routine manufacturing stage the staff are already aware of the test, and the test has been developed with manufacture in mind.”

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