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3 things to consider when formulating a grant proposal

Utilising grant funding to finance an assay development project may be an appropriate solution. Therefore, in the third edition of our video series, Abingdon Health Nanos, Business Development Manager Lisa Mansel highlights 3 things you should consider when formulating a grant proposal in order to aid the funding of a lateral flow assay development project.


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The transcript for the video, ‘What 3 things should you consider when formulating a grant proposal?’

“One of the key considerations would be to ensure that you can demonstrate a good understanding of the market requirements. So, understand the end user, what the market need is for the product [lateral flow assay] and being able to convey that across in your application, understanding that you have a good route to market whether that be through your own internal expertise or actually with a commercial partner.”

“Another thing to consider for your grant applications would be making sure you have a very in depth and detailed product development plan to include key work packages, the required deliverables and milestones that you need as part of those work packages and have distinct design review stages throughout so that you can monitor your progress.”

“The third consideration is to make that you’ve got the right expertise within the project. So, that’s from whether that be internal resource, whether it’s external subcontractors or even collaborators on the project.”

membrane being sprayed during lateral flow manufacture

lots of lateral flow assays in a row

the hands of a lateral flow assay development scientist

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