Covid-19 Testing Programmes For The Workplace

With the UK Government deciding to withdraw access to free COVID-19 testing for a majority of the population, this doesn’t mean that regular testing is not a benefit to employers and their staff.

With pre-pandemic life returning and reported cases continuing, employees are looking for employers to protect their health and safety after a prolonged time of working from home.

Abingdon Health provide a comprehensive range of COVID-19 testing options, that can be tailored to suit the requirements of your business.

Reasons to implement COVID-19 testing into your workplace:

  • Avoid mass absences due COVID-19 sickness
  • All employees, particularly those most vulnerable must be safeguarded as much as possible
  • Employees are increasingly valuing employers who value their health and wellbeing. Companies who enforce a robust testing strategy will potentially benefit reduced staff turnover

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Non-Invasive COVID-19 Antigen Self Tests

The non-invasive COVID-19 lateral flow test is easy to use and ideal for self testing and will provide a result in less than 15 minutes.

The test determines whether a person has a current COVID-19 infection and will enable appropriate decisions to be made about self isolation before returning to the workplace. Quick results also enable employers to make fast decisions in order to reduce the risk of infection spread across the workplace, reducing absenteeism and uncertainty.


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COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test

The COVID-19 Rapid Antibody Test, also known as the AbC-19™ Semi-Q Rapid Test detects COVID-19 antibodies and uses a scorecard to interpret the antibody concentration.

Implementing the test enables employers to support employee health and well-being in accordance with their individual immune response. In turn providing peace of mind to return back to the workplace confidently and safely.

With no swabbing and with just a finger-prick of blood, the AbC-19™ Semi-Q Rapid Test is easy to use and reduces the need for frequent testing.

The AbC-19™ Semi-Q Rapid Test is for professional use only. This means a medical professional or trained lay user must administer the test.


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